Shipping Policy


Broxton Lane Candle Co. utilizes USPS to ship all products. We use priority shipping which averages 2-5 day transit time.


If you choose local pick up, you will receive an email when your order is ready. This email with provide all information regarding dates/times/location for pick up. Fulfilling local picks ups aligns with the shipping timelines, so please review those prior to ordering so you have an accurate anticipation of fulfillments. (Typically between 3-5 days of when the shipping phase begins. 

Due to limited supply, Broxton Lane Candle Co. will attempt to email you 3 times with prompts/reminders. After the third email, you will have 14 days to respond. After 14 days, if there is no communication, Broxton Lane Candle Co will NOT refund your order. Your order will be sold to the next person that orders.