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Wax Melt Sample Pack (Discovery Collections)

Wax Melt Sample Pack (Discovery Collections)

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This is a great way to sample each scent. When you find one you love, buy the candle for a longer lasting scent or the car diffuser. 

When ordering the 5 and 9 pack, please add a note to your order letting us know what scents you would like in your order. 15 pack will receive one of each scent.

Cocktail Collection:

  • Apple Bourbon : Apple, Bourbon, Rum, Cognac, Cedar, Vetiver

  • Blackberry Mimosa : Blackberry, Orange, Champagne, Pine

  • Bourbon Bonfire : Bourbon, Rum, Cognac, Smoked Maple, Dry Wood

  • Coffee Bourbon : Bourbon, Peppercorn, Coffee, Amber, Musk

  • Gin & Tonic : Lime, Grapefruit, Mint, Jasmine, Sandalwood

  • Michelada : Beer, Tomato, Pepper, Lime

  • Mudslide : Chocolate, Vanilla, Cream, Coffee

  • Old Fashioned : Whiskey, Lemon, Almond, Clove, Maple

  • PB&J Screwball : Peanut Butter, Whiskey, Raspberry Jam

  • Peach Whiskey : Peach, Whiskey, Almond, Clove, Maple

  • Pear Vanilla Gin Fizz : Pear, Vanilla, Grapefruit, Lime, Mint

  • Pina Colada : Coconut Creme, Pineapple, Lime

  • Salted Caramel Shot : Salted Caramel, Cinnamon, Butter, Whiskey

  • Screwball : Peanut Butter, Whiskey

  • Tom Collins : Gin, Lemon


  • Christmas Collection:
  • Peppermint Latte: notes of peppermint and coffee
  • Christmas Tree: notes of balsam fir, pine, cypress, eucalyptus, vanilla, caramel
  • Twisted Peppermint
  • Frosted Juniper
  • White Chocolate Mint
  • Fireside Cinnamon: notes of smoke and cinnamon
  • Vanilla Bean Noel
  • Peppermint Bark: notes of peppermint and chocolate
  • Christmas Morning Breakfast: Smells just like blueberry pancakes
  • Old World Christmas: notes of orange, clove and cinnamon
  • Cranberry & Mandarin
  • Sugar Plum: notes of black currant, sparkling wine, dark berries, rose, red apple, sandalwood
  • Grandpas Pipe: Vanilla
  • Grandpas Pipe: Cherry


Dessert Collection:

  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake: notes of Pineapple, Vanilla & Bakery
  • Birthday Cake: notes of Butter, Creamy Vanilla & Bakery
  • Smores': Cinnamon, Chocolate, Butter, Vanilla, Clove, Marshmallow
  • Apple Cider Donut: Cider, Apple, Donut, Cinnamon, Vanilla
  • Brambleberry Pie: Blackberry, Raspberry, Honeysuckle, Violet Leaf
  • Ice Cream Sundae: Fruit, Vanilla, Honey, Caramel
  • Caramel Apple: Apple, Caramel, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Brown Sugar
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles: Butter, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Maple
  • Pistachio Cake: Pistachio, Vanilla, Musk
  • Pecan Pie: Cinnamon, Pecan, Coconut, Vanilla, Tonka Bean
  • Berry Cheesecake: Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Coconut, Cinnamon, Vanilla
  • Pumpkin Pretzel Latte: White Chocolate, Butter, Marshmallow, Pumpkin, Vanilla
  • Cinnamon Brownies: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, Nutmeg
  • Apple Pie: Apple, Butter, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Clove, Nutmeg
  • Blueberry Cobbler: Blueberry, Graham Cracker, Vanilla, Butter

Winter Collection:

  • Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Love Spell
  • Blackberry Incense
  • Sugared Spruce
  • Crackling Fire
  • Snow Day
  • Frosted Berries
  • Hot Toddy
  • Love Letters
  • Candy Hearts
  • Log Cabin
  • Pink Chiffon
  • 2024
  • Recharge
  • Morning Brew



100% Soy Wax, Phthalate FREE Fragrance Oil, Cotton Wick, Glass Vessel, Tin Lid or Wood Lid.

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Care Instructions

Burn candles 4 hours at a time then extinguish to allow liquid to solidify then re-light for another 4 hours then extinguish, repeat as desired. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4", keep candles away from babies, children and pets, keep candles away from flammable items, burn on proper holder or in a container, never leave candle unattended when lit. Stop burning candle when 1/2" of wax remains at bottom to AVOID fire.

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